Happy Halloween!!

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For Halloween I wanted to create a cute silk to give to all my customers as a gift, well, I could’nt decide on just one design, so I’ve made three and they are all free.  Available only at Collar Me Sexy!, they will be pulled on November 1st, so grab them while you can. 




Victorian Queen Silk

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In the past I have created a few silks to accent Alexandar Vargas’s of by Alexander’s creations, this is our first creation that we created together.  For a limited time, two of these silks are available for purchase with everything included at his stores at Welsh Bay and Eros Cove as well as my store, Collar Me Sexy!



Celtic Pride

•May 27, 2008 • 2 Comments

Celtic Pride


I have just released my newest silk, Celtic Pride, it comes with nipplerings, Mature as well as PG options, armbands, bellyring and legband.  Choose from 8 different colors in gold as well as silver.


Lucky Charms Silk

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I was talking to a rl friend of mine a couple weeks ago showing her the silks I made in game and told her I was wanting to make a St. Patricks Day silk to give to my customers, she jokingly said how about a pot of gold for the bottom, you know finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Well, I thought it was a cute idea, so I set out to make a pot of gold.  Well, after having to rebuild the waist yet again because I can’t seem to watch my bloody prims anymore, as my Master says, I’m a prim whore!  Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the silk, it comes with a mature as well as a PG top, 2 armbands, tiara and bellyring.  It is free to group members only, but it is for sale in the store for 100L.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Amor Infinitus

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Love eternal, forever, always. This silk with its infinity loops holding the delicate fabric together shows that even the strongest of love is fragile. That is the meaning of the silk… but it is true seduction,  passion with its low cut front, and simple chain of infinity dropping down between the breasts, nipple rings to go with it and gemmed arm bands to catch his eye when you dance for your Master or Mistress. It was made to entice them. Turn and it drops low in the backside leaving nothing to the imagination, showing them the curves of your bottom, down your thighs as the silks sway when you dance, a leg band filled with gems just to keep their eyes on you. Made for dancing, for seducing, for love.
comes in 8 colours. And for those white Gold lovers, it comes in white gold as well.

Fashion Show

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by Alexander creator, Alexandar Vargas, was featured with Eros design, Formals, not silks. *smiles* today . Sponsored by Porto Events, the notes of the show can be view on his blog.

His Heated Valentine!

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My newest creation made up of hearts and diamonds, it is my gift to members of my group.  However, it may be purchased in store only for 100L until Valentine’s Day!  If you would like to join the group, click on the sign in the store and then the link that pops up in your chat history and join up.  You will find the silk under the notices, just highlight it and save attachment.  Trust me girls, you will want this silk, it will tease your Master’s/Mistress’s in a very good way *winks*, I know it did mine!!